Healthcare Partner

Day Services Centers stress a strong partnership and care coordination between the physician, the participant, and the caregiver. Participants are monitored every day they engage with Day Services and physicians receive regular updates or alerts on any emerging indicators or health issues.

Day services keeps patients living with their families while providing personal autonomy for those who need daytime assistance for their health and safety. They receive medical supervision and social activity during the daytime, a focus on “whole person” health, and the monitoring of important health indicators.  Day Services also provides education, relief and support for family caregivers.

How Does ADS Work with Physicians?

Your patient is always your patient, and always remains under your care. A Day Services center coordinates care according to your plan for that patient.  Their role is to keep you informed how your patient is progressing,  The center will report to you or to the family any changes in physical symptoms, or on any issue they observe that raises a concern that should be addressed by the physician.

Which Patients Benefit from Day Services?

Patients who find Day Services most beneficial are those who:

  • Have a chronic health issue or disability that need consistent management, medication management, or nursing supervision
  • Have congestive heart failure
  • Are experiencing after-effects from a stroke
  • Suffer from Parkinson’s disease
  • Suffer from Alzheimer’s, dementia, or memory-loss
  • Need regular physical, occupational, speech or maintenance therapy to maintain or improve mobility
  • Need better and more regular nutrition
  • Are depressed, isolated, or need counseling
  • Are physically vulnerable in managing their own care or safety in-home
  • Want to be independent as long as possible, even though they are managing one or more health conditions.

How Do I Refer a Patient to an ADS Program?

As the physician, you are always involved in the enrollment process. Those individuals who need the medical attention of a healthcare Day Services center generally will need a physician referral in order to ensure a good match in medical care services for the individual, as well as for them to be eligible for insurance or Medi-Cal / Medicaid benefits for ADS.

If the patient is a Medi-Cal recipient the center will provide you a Medical History and Physician Authorization Form (H&P) for you to complete. This is sent to CalOptima for the patient to gain access to Day Services benefits.

If the patient is not a Medi-Cal recipient, you may call or have the patient or family call an individual ADS center, or the Orange County Adult Day Services Coalition. They will provide you a physician referral form so the center has necessary information about that individual and their health status.

Most centers will do a health assessment to gain an understanding of the physical capabilities and medication needs of the participant; and to ensure the center has the appropriate services and staff to meet those needs. With participant or caregiver permission, and as needed, the Day Services case manager will contact you to discuss patient care issues or questions.

A direct physician referral is not needed to try out or to enroll in social model Day Services.

Social Day Services Centers

Social Day Services Centers are aimed primarily at providing social opportunities, recreation, meals, and friends; combined with some health services, like blood pressure and medication monitoring. These are sometimes called social model Day Centers.

Adult Day Healthcare Centers

Centers that are Adult Day Healthcare Centers have additional staff and are prepared to handle a range of complex medical conditions and also offer nursing care; physical, occupational or speech therapy, counseling, eating assistance and more. These centers are referred to as medical models.