Keeping Families Together

Family members who need to maintain their own life balance find comfort in knowing their loved one is safe and receiving personal attention from caring and experienced professionals during the day. Day Services allows caregivers be free from worry so they can be productive at work, attend to daily responsibilities, and participate in personal interests. Day Services directly assists caregivers in sustaining their role as a caregiver.

Services in Adult Day Centers are flexible. You can participate a few hours per week up to full days every weekday.

Is the OCADSC a Day Services Center?

No. The OCADSC is a consortium of individual Southern California Day Services centers which collaborate to ensure the highest standards of care for both participant and caregiver.

Who Uses Day Services?

Any adult facing challenges with their daily life and physical or mental health that comes with aging, managing a health condition, or a physical limitation. Active participants are elderly individuals, or those with physical challenges like Parkinson’s disease; people with cognitive conditions, like Alzheimer’s; or those who have a life-long disability or the effects of a stroke.

Is There Day Services for Us?

There are Day Services for everyone.

A social model adult day center focuses on social activities, recreation, nutritious meals, exercise, and medication and general health monitoring.

If your family member has cognitive syndromes such as Alzheimer’s or other dementia, be assured most Day Services centers have specific focus and expertise on this type of care and supervision.

For those with complex health issues, or who need rehabilitation following a stroke or accident, an adult day healthcare center includes comprehensive nursing services; physical, speech and occupational therapies; medication management and healthcare coordination.

Is Day Services In-Home Care or a Senior Center?

Day Services  is not in-home care.  Day Services are provided in a dedicated center in your neighborhood. Transportation to and from the center is often available through the individual Day Services center.

Day Services programs include many of the social activities and friendships found at a senior center, but Day Services is for people who need extra attention and physical assistance with daily routines or complex medical conditions.

When Should I Consider Day Services?

If you feel isolated, or feel physically vulnerable managing your own care in your home, consider the freedom and comfort of having friends and a healthy environment during the day at a Day Services center and being in your own home at night.

If you are a caregiver, and you are stressed or worried about your loved one when you are not around, Day Services can help you keep your family – and yourself – together and healthy. Day Services will keep your family member safe, socially energized and receiving needed nutrition and medical attention during the day.

What is the Cost?

Costs vary based on the individual center and medical services needed.

The average cost for social Day Services is: $50 per day in Orange County.

The average cost for healthcare Day Services is: $80 per day in Orange County.

Does Insurance Cover Day Services?

Many long-term care insurance policies cover adult day services. MediCal and / or Medicaid may cover Day Services if the center meets the state standards for reimbursement and the participant meets the state’s guidelines for eligibility.

Many nonprofit centers offer a sliding fee schedule and scholarships may also be available.

There may be other funding options available through a variety of resources. Your local center has the experts who know the healthcare reimbursement system and can help you navigate Day Services funding options. Don’t hesitate to call.

Or, get in touch with the Orange County Office on Aging, which also maintains information about funding resources for Day Services (

Is Adult Day Services Regulated?

Orange County Adult Day Services Coalition sets a high standard of quality and care for its member centers. Centers are monitored by the California Department of Aging.

Healthcare Adult Day Services centers are licensed through the California Department of Healthcare Services.

Social Adult Day Services centers are licensed through the California Department of Social Services, Community Care Licensing.

Day Services centers that are operated by a church or faith-based organization are not required to obtain these licenses.

Adult Day Services is not federally regulated.