The Orange County Adult Day Services Coalition is a consortium of Day Services centers located throughout Orange County. The Coalition welcomes Adult Day Services programs, centers, and service providers across industries as members and partners.

The OCADSC serves as the quality standards body in the region for both Day Services programs and for caregiver support services.

Member centers actively work together to embrace and serve the health needs in our community for older adults or people living with physical or mental impairments. The Coalition’s member centers each provide services and programs for maintaining “whole-person” health and the personal autonomy.

Day Services is a caregiver’s first option for preventing or delaying expensive and emotionally traumatic long-term care.

Day Services provides quality daytime care for those with physical and cognitive challenges for a lifetime – or is there as vital transitional care during an injury, illness or after hospitalization.

Member Day Services centers provide a variety of health and social services in a safe, cheerful setting where participants are respected and valued. Centers are neighborhood-based and stress a strong partnership between the participant, the caregiver, and the primary care physician for individuals experiencing physical disability, cognitive impairment, or chronic health conditions.

Services at each member center vary by whether the center is a health care adult day center or a social adult day center. Individual centers’ services may include individual health case managers; professional nursing; medication management; physical, occupational and speech therapies; social activities and supervision; dementia or mental health services, personal care; healthy meals; transportation to and from participants’ residence; and caregiver respite and support. Centers operate during the daytime, typically during normal business hours.

Quality Daytime Care & Health Within Community

Individuals with disabilities face day-to-day life and safety challenges from chronic disease, dementia and other mental health issues, falls, or social isolation. Many of them struggle against everyday barriers to good health. The focus on treating a specific condition often means a lack of “whole person” healthcare.

OCADS helps participants, caregivers and communities to be healthier at lower healthcare costs by actively contributing to a wide variety of health indicators. Center services specifically focus on at least nine of the 15 health indicators set by the Centers for Disease Control, including:

  • Physically active days
  • Social connections within the community
  • Oral health
  • Eating fruits and vegetables daily
  • Up-to-date on preventative services
  • Chronic disease management
  • Reduced mental health stress
  • Falls prevention
  • Exercise
  • Flu vaccines
  • Pneumonia vaccines
  • Medication management

OCADSC works collaborative within the long-term and health care arenas to strengthen the role of Day Services within the continuum of care. OCADSC is continually educating the medical community and caregivers about the vital role Day Services plays in building the wellness of individuals and communities. Members also assist policymakers in understanding the economic and the health benefits that care within families and communities provides.